Minke Whale Crashes Into Boat, Throws Fisherman Overboard

Cris Lane was fishing off Courtmacsherry, Ireland, this week when a minke whale rammed into the boat, knocking him overboard. (See the video below.)

Lane’s angler pal, Dave McCann, filmed the shocking moment. The sound of the impact is frightening.

Lane told CorkBeo that they had spotted dolphins and whales off in the distance.

“Next thing I knew, one of the whales just slammed into the side of the boat,” he said. “The other guy went flying onto the deck and I went flying off the back of the boat into the water.”

Lane said it took a while for McCann to realize “I was in the water trying to get back on.”

Lane got back onboard with no injuries, the outlet reported.

It could have been worse. Minke whales grow up to 35 feet long and 20,000 pounds. Even though CorkBeo wrote that the whale likely had “no malicious intent” and that the boat perhaps got in the way of its feeding, that kind of mass can generate serious consequences.

On Facebook, Lane called the collision “a new twist in whale watching.” He took the proper precautions out on the water but still warned: “Always wear your lifejacket.”

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